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Kilig.- Def. (n).(Filipino) Joy, euphoria, or excitement at the base of the spine when having an experience.

ABOUT us...

We produce Cinematic Virtual Reality content for Education, specialized in creating immersive pedagogical material for online and face-to-face teaching.

Our dream is that students and teachers have an innovative experience at an affordable cost, through real situations or simulations, providing new experiences, enhancing cultural capital and helping learning through active methodologies that encourage problem solving and prepare for future challenges.  


What we do

  • Custom

  • Creative

  • Accessible

  • Sensitive

  • Multidisciplinary

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  • Educational Institutions

  • Teachers

  • Courses

  • Companies

  • NGOs


We have a multidisciplinary team passionate about education and the visual arts with experience in Active Methodologies such as PBL (Project Based Learning), and Socio-Scientific Themes in CTSA (Science, Technology, Society and Environment) projects.


Kilig is internationally qualified and capable of producing pedagogical material in several languages. 



    Isabel Herrera
  Creative Director


Ecuadorian, Master in Cinematographic Direction by the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) - Barcelona / Spain.


Director and creator of the Pipoca, a Cinema Project for children and adolescent with Colombian Refugees in Ecuador. She has developed several academic cinematographic projects as a teacher of Directing and Scriptwriting.

Certified as a Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language by the University of Salamanca and founder of the Spanish course "Hable con Ella, Suéltate".

Rayssa Motta
Production Director

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Graduated in Biological Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and the University of Bristol/ UK. She has experience as a bilingual Middle and High School Science and Biology teacher with activity in the United States and Brazil.


Allied to her experience as an educator and researcher in academic and social projects linked to education and sustainability in Brazil and abroad, she has experience and knowledge in Art, Culture, Music and Audiovisual Production internationally. 


She is currently a Chevening Scholar, studying a Masters degree in Digital Media: Education at University College London.


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O que fazemos


Kilig Videos won the Shell Iniciativa Jovem Sustainable Enterprise Seal in 2021:

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